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Firm Profile - Square One Interiors | San Francisco Interior Design

Firm Profile


The principal Ursula Kloeters has a unique combination of talents. Born and raised in Germany she studied Interior Design and Architecture in Germany, followed by Art and Islamic Architecture at the American University of Cairo, Egypt. Ursula brings a unique blend of European style and ethnic influences to her projects. In her 20 + years of professional design practice she has worked on many remodels and custom designs for residential as well as commercial projects.

Certified Green Building Professional since 2008

We specialize in making our clients hearts sing. We derive tremendous satisfaction from seeing our clients enjoy an environment that reflects their style and supports their needs. Our clients like working with us because they get practical solutions that make their business more efficient and their homes more comfortable. As our client you can rely on our expertise and sensitivity to your budget and preferences.

We bring expertise as well as experience to the table. Through open-minded listening and a collaborative approach to the design process we are guided to an appropriate and cost effective solution for our residential and commercial clients. The uniqueness of our clients needs, budget and taste determines the outcome. This is our promise and our passion.

Awards + Publications

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